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Given interviews on bus services this morning

The persistent problems people are having since the 68 bus was taken off from Farnworth to Bolton. Councillor Noel Spencer and I are finding a good number of people who don't walk well struggling to have to walk to alternative bus stops for the 501 route or the 36 route. Walking onto Harper Green Rd from Plodder Lane going to Bolton there is a very long walk to a bus stop which I am having reviewed by TFGM. We are suggesting that as a good bus service from Bolton to the Super Hospital in Salford will be required (and First Bus are positive about this review) Plodder Lane should feature in the bus route review.

The efficiency of the Great Lever buses are still in question as residents say the buses are just not as reliable as when Great Lever had its own circular. Why did Great Lever have to lose its own circular anyway? Harwood still has its own circular. The politics of buses, bus companies profiteering and TFGM decision making has been keeping me busy this morning.

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Update : 01-11-2017



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