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Melbourne Throwbacks!

Melbourne Throwbacks! ☺️
I went to school with Kirstie Emma in Whitby. When I was 18 she told me she was moving to Australia and invited me to come with her.
I spent a month in Melbourne. We spent time together, and I also ventured out alone. Allowing my artistic tastebuds to be tantalised by the talent on the streets and live music venues. I was excited and captivated by the adventure.
It's where I met Dane Tomas
Thus, how I eventually went through The Spiral
and became a Spiral practitioner too.
I kept Australian coins in my purse as a vow to return. Which didn't happen as soon as I had expected, or quite in the way I had imagined.
I mean, Spiral isn't on the cards until you know it exists. Right? (and even then it takes a while to bite)
Life's like that.
The road since these photos has been wild.
I'm many shed skins from this younger me.
Oh, how she's a milestone in my life-path though.
And if it wasn't for Kirstie, who knows how it might have played out.
People, hey. ☺️?❤️
Kirstie, I love you Lady!
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Update : 20-06-2018



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