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Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place in the world

Although known as the coldest inhabited place in the world, tourism here still develops and has become the main source of income for the inhabitants of the region.
Oymyakon is located at the edge of the Indigirka River, is a village in Oymyakonsky district, Sakha Republic, Russia. As it is only 350 km from the North Pole, Oymyakon is very cold, especially in winter. The temperature record here is 71.2 ° C and the average winter temperature is -40 to -50 ° C. The summer temperature increases considerably but the time is too short.
In addition to the Russians living here, there are still other ethnic minorities. Although in Oymyakon, you can be dead immediately when leaving without clothes and protective equipment, the village is still inhabited by nearly 800 people. But if you prefer the tropical climate to the cold weather, why don't you think of taking Vietnam holidays packages to satisfy your desire?
The village has only one school and as long as the outside temperature drops to -52 ° C, students are allowed to stay at home. The plumbing and toilet system is only recently installed at the school. All technological equipment can not operate in the hostile environment of Oymyakon, so there are no telecommunications services, most cars, vans are useless here. Previously there was little of the image of this village because cameras and photographic films are out of order if they are used outdoors.
Despite the cold, tourism here is very developed. Not only visitors can experience jumping in cold water, but the elderly, children, women, men of the village can do so too. Everyone recognizes it as an effective way to avoid infection. They usually wash in cold water and this is normal here. Additionally, Oymyakon still attracts travelers to Caribou hunting, fishing and swimming destinations.
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Update : 30-03-2017